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At Catch22 Include Wales we believe that every child and young person should learn in a way that is right for them, at a pace that is right for them, so they are able to progress and be prepared for their future. We aim to create ambitious and capable learners who are enterprising and creative. We aim to develop their understanding of their rights and responsibilities, so they become ethical and informed citizens.


We see Health and Wellbeing as being an essential part of our curriculum, in order to help our learners, develop and maintain healthy bodies and minds. We also aim to help them learn about healthy relationships and make good life choices and to be happy. Our learners also have the chance to be creative by learning through a mix of Play, Art, Music and Digital Media.


Literacy and Communication, along with Maths and Numeracy form an important part of our curriculum. Learning to understand and use numbers in everyday life along with, listening, reading and writing skills are crucial in helping our learners make sense of the world around them. Linked to this are the Humanities (History, Geography, Religion and Social Studies) which help our learners think about the world around them, in order to create an increased awareness, understanding and tolerance of themselves and others.


An increasingly important part of our curriculum is Science and Technology, which aims to develop digital competency amongst our learners. Our goal is for our learners to develop a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to be confident and creative in the use of technologies and systems. From this, our learners will become confident digital citizens, who are able to interact and collaborate digitally, to produce work digitally, and to be confident in handling data and problem solving, as we move forward into the 21st Century. 

A New Curriculum in Wales

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