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Catch22 Include Wales

Catch22 Include Wales currently accommodates up to 18 pupils between years 1 and 6. The school offers the National Curriculum for Wales, alongside nurture sessions and extra academic interventions.  Our timetable is designed to help children  not only with their academic progress but also to address their social and emotional needs. The school provides up to 25 hours education with the school day starting at 9.30am and ending at 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. The school currently has 2 classes, and the staff are trained in both behavioural and Special Educational teaching.


Whilst the pupils who attend our school initially on admission may present with behavioural issues our mission is to enable them to return to a stable mainstream or specialist placement.


Being well trained and passionate facilitators we fully understand the reasons for challenging behaviours can be due to such things as anxiety, low self esteem and confidence; other causes can be due to learning difficulties such as ASD, Asperger’s, ADHD, disability or attachment disorders.